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I’ve heard that to keep coffee fresh, the best place to store it is in the refrigerator. Is that true?

The refrigerator is perhaps the LAST place you want to berth your beans. You see, it’s not really cold enough, and much too moist, to keep coffee from going stale. But the biggest blow to those who don’t know is that a bag of coffee – just like that box of baking soda you might hide in the back to keep your fridge fresh – is a highly efficient methane magnet when it comes to absorbing odors. Refrigerated coffee, you’ll surely discover, give new meaning to the meaning of “blend.”

So what is the best way to keep coffee fresh? Well, if you’re going to use all of your coffee within a week, store your beans in a clean, airtight container. That’s by far the best way to ensure freshness and flavor. Oh, and make sure you always buy whole beans (not ground), grinding only as needed.

Though it’s always best to buy only as much fresh roasted coffee as you will use in a week (two at the most), you can freeze it to preserve freshness and flavor. Unlike the refrigerator, the freezer is fine – up to a point. Coffee stored in the freezer will stay fresh for a month or two, but only if beans are kept airtight. Wrap beans in several layers of plastic wrap and store in an airtight container. Once your beans have been frozen and thawed, don’t refreeze. Though it’s recommended to do so, you don’t have to thaw beans before grinding

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