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OK, so you stress buying locally, and seem to concentrate your sales close to home. How, then, can you justify selling to online customers hundreds or even thousands of miles away?

Good question, because at first blush it might seem that selling online to customers hundreds or even thousands of miles away is a contradiction to our locavore principles. But, put simply, it’s not. Let me explain.

You see, though we always encourage people to shop close to home and buy products that are locally produced whenever possible, the reality is that buying local isn’t always that simple – at least not when it comes to finding the variety, quality or method of production that a person might want or demand. So, if you can’t find what you’re looking for locally, you should at least be able to feel good about buying online from a company or companies that share your ideas and sensibilities in regard to those products. That’s what we offer.

For instance, all of our products are certified organic, and most are either Fair Trade CertifiedTM or Rainforest Alliance Certified®, as well. And, to help reduce the environmental impact of fossil fuels used in shipping our products, we pay a carbon offset fee on every shipment.

So, if you CAN buy local, DO. If you can’t, then feel good about finding and buying from a compatible, conscientious company that you can embrace and that embraces you.

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