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Which of the coffees that you roast is your favorite?

Well, on any particular day the favorite might be a South or Central American, Mexican, Indonesian or African – light roasts, dark roasts or in between. It really doesn’t matter. It’s always changing. And that’s a good thing, because it reinforces my belief that variety truly is the spice of life. To my palate, none of our coffees are better than another. They’re simply different.

That difference is what makes sampling coffee, wine, beer, cheese, oysters or barbecue so interesting – and enjoyable. Different origins, regional twists, and even the environment a product is produced in create the unique regional and artisinal foods we celebrate. We’re all about trying new foods and beverages, and we always encourage our customers and the curious to do the same. There are always new discoveries to be made, new combinations to explore, and new methods to try.

Each coffee boasts certain characteristics that are distinctive to a particular place of origin, and our small-batch, artisanal approach to roasting brings out the best flavor and aroma characteristics in every batch of beans.

An Ethiopian coffee, for instance, will likely burst with berry and citrus flavors; a Sumatran, dark chocolate and spice.

A favorite? Don’t ask us. Decide yourself.

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