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The Clever is so user friendly and it does a very great job of brewing all of our coffees.

The Clever coffee dripper is probably the easiest way to make a great cup of coffee at home. Like the french press, the Clever dripper uses immersion brewing. Immersion brewing produces a full bodied and full flavored cup of coffee but usually leaves behind a good amount of unwanted sediment. The filter in the Clever traps the sediment, leaving you with a clean cup to enjoy.

Step One

Step One

Heat 12 ounces filtered water to boil. Let sit for 30 seconds or until it reaches 200 degrees. Place filter in brewer and rinse with hot water.

  • Step One

    Step One

    Heat 12 ounces filtered water to boil.  Let sit for 30 seconds or until it reaches 200 degrees. Place filter in brewer and rinse with hot water.

  • Step Two

    Step Two

    Place brewer on top of cup to drain water.

  • Step Three

    Step Three

    Remove brewer from top of cup and place on a flat surface. Grind 24 grams (three rounded tablespoons) of coffee to a medium grind(same as for automatic drip.)

  • Step Four

    Step Four

    Pour grounds into filter and gently shake to even coffee bed. Start timer for four minutes. Pour just enough water to saturate grounds. Let sit for 30 seconds.

  • Step Five

    Step Five

    Pour remainder of water onto coffee taking care to evenly saturate all grounds.

  • Step Six

    Step Six

    Place lid on brewer. Once timer is down to one minute remove lid and stir gently six or seven times. Replace lid and set brewer on top of a coffee mug.

  • Step Seven

    Step Seven

    Brewed coffee will drain from brewer into your coffee mug. This should take about one minute. If all steps have been completed correctly the coffee should be done draining as the four minute timer expires.

  • Step Eight

    Step Eight

    Remove brewer from top of mug. To clean up, dispose of grounds and filter and rinse the brewer under water. Enjoy!

Detailed Instructions

The Clever dripper uses a filter the sediment problem is eliminated creating a very clean, full bodied and flavorful cup. The Clever dripper looks a lot like a single cup pour-over brewer but it has a stopper in the bottom that prevents any water from escaping the brewing chamber until the brew cycle is complete. This allows the person brewing to have total control of the time the grounds are in contact with water. Whereas single cup pour-overs can be difficult to control and master a Clever is mastered easily.

What you’ll need
Scale or measuring spoon, grinder (preferably burr grinder), coffee, filtered water, timer or watch, water kettle or other heating method, Clever coffee dripper, stirring spoon, coffee cup.

Preheat and rinse filter
You will get best results if you preheat everything that will come in contact with your coffee. Preheating will help prevent the coffee from becoming “shocked” resulting in bitterness. To preheat place the clever on a flat surface and insert filter, fill Clever within one inch of the top with water just off the boil. Let sit for five or so seconds and then place the Clever on top of your coffee mug and let the water drain into the mug. Keep the hot water in the mug until you are ready to brew directly into it.

You should always grind your coffee as close to brewing time as possible. For the Clever we use 2 grams of coffee for every ounce of water. We usually brew our Clever with 12 ounces of water so 24 grams or about three rounded tablespoons of beans will suffice. The coffee needs to be ground to a medium grind. We use the same grind for the Clever as we do for an automatic drip coffee machine.

To ensure great results you need to use filtered water heated to 200 degrees. Coffee is 99 percent water so using good quality water is imperative. The best and easiest way to get the water to the correct temperature is to boil the water in an electric water kettle and let sit for 20 seconds after boiling. Boiling water on the stove or even in the microwave will work as well.

Pre-infusion and begin to brew
Once the water is at the correct temperature begin brewing immediately. Set timer for four minutes and hit start just as you pour the first water on your grounds. The first step in brewing is the pre-infusion step. You want to pour just enough water on the grounds to soak them all evenly and completely. This will cause your coffee grounds to bloom. Once the bloom has settled some, 30 seconds or so, pour the remainder of your water on to the grounds taking care to saturate all grounds evenly.

Continue brewing and draw down
Place the lid on the Clever as soon as all water has been added to the brewing chamber this will keep heat in and help regulate the brewing temperature. Once the timer is down to about a minute and five seconds remove the lid and give the coffee a few gentle stirs so all of the grounds will be evenly extracted during the draw down. After you stir replace the lid. Pour any water that may still be in your mug from preheating out just before placing the Clever on your mug. Place the Clever on top of your coffee mug and all ow all of the coffee to drain from the clever into your mug. This should take about a minute. If the grind is set right and everything has been timed correctly the last of your coffee should leave the brew chamber just as your four minute timer expires.

Clean up
Clean up is very easy with the Clever. Simply remove and dispose of the filter. Rinse the brewer with hot water, drain and repeat


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