Similar to the Chemex brew method, the single-cup pourover is a perfect way to brew a custom, delicious cup of coffee. This method highlights all of our different coffees and allows you to experience a hand-crafted, fresh cup of coffee. Using the proper method consistently will result in a perfectly extracted, flavorful and unique cup of coffee every time. So follow the guidelines and develop a consistent method and you will be rewarded with a great cup of coffee.


Rinse Filter

Open filter into cone and place into brewer. Place brewer onto brew bar or coffee cup. Rinse filter with hot water. Discard water.

Weigh Coffee

Weigh out 28 grams (about 4 tablespoons) of coffee for a 12 ounce cup.


Grind Coffee

Grind coffee just before brewing to a coarseness slightly finer than for auto-drip (about like sand).


Add Grounds

Add grounds to brewer and shake slightly to evenly distribute grounds.


Start Bloom

Pour about 50 grams hot water(198-200 degrees F) onto the coffee bed to fully saturate the grounds but not so much that water is freely flowing from the bottom of the filter.  Let bloom up to 30 seconds.



Begin Brew

After bloom time pour enough water to fully saturate the grounds slowly, steadily and evenly over the coffee starting in the middle of the coffee bed and pouring in a clockwise circular motion out to just before the edge of the the coffee.


Continue Brew

Once all coffee has been saturated continue pouring. Pour just into the middle of the coffee bed. Pour fast enough to ensure a proper brew time but not so fast as to flood the brewer. You want to be able to see the coffee grounds suspended in the water not a pool of water over the coffee grounds. You should see few bubbles and only slight turbulence in the brewing coffee. The coffee bed should be an even color with no super blonde or dark spots. 
Total brew time from start of bloom to end of brew cycle should be about two and a half minutes. When brew time is complete remove brewer from top of cup.



Stir your coffee or swirl carafe to evenly blend coffee.  Pour your brew.