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Sourcing Coffee in Latin America: Guatemala

Guatemala is a colorful country full of active volcanoes, uniquely painted chicken busses and women in brightly patterned traditional clothing who carry oversized baskets on their heads. When we arrived in Guatemala City in February we cupped dozens of coffees. Upon choosing our favorites we hit the road to meet the farmers who produced them.



Our favorite coffees were from the Antigua, Atitlan and the Fraijanes regions. These coffees all offered up excellent sweetness and clarity backed up by a nice body and clarity backed up by a nice body and fruited notes.



The coffee, farm and producer that impressed us most was Don Alberto with Finca San Patricio el Limon in the mountains overlooking the town of Palencia. “Don Beto” has a beautiful collection of coffee gardens that comprise his farm as well as pristine processing facilities and drying patios. Our favorite coffee was from the Las Brisas section of the farm. One aspect that sold us on Don Beto is his apparent passion for continual improvement. He works with his sons producing great coffee and we enjoyed seeing his operation and getting to know him and his family over cups of homemade passion fruit juice on his patio overlooking the valley of Palencia and the Pacaya Volcano.


We look forward to sharing several of Don Beto's micro-lots with you later this spring


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