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Kyle - Head Production Roaster

If you've been by the Stockton Street shop you've most likely seen Kyle behind the glass, roasting the week's coffee.  Say hello to Kyle if you happen to see him around town.  Not only can he roast great coffee, he's also quite charming.  Learn more about what makes Kyle tick below:

What’s your name, how old are you and where are you from?
-My name is Kyle Graf, I am twenty six years of age and I was born and raised in Jacksonville, Fl.

What is your first coffee memory?
-My first memory of coffee would probably my father giving me a cup before soccer games when I was ten or eleven! 

How did you get into coffee?
- I have always been into coffee since early soccer games when my dad would give me a small cup with cream and brown sugar. Later in life it was Starbucks that kept my interest in espresso based drinks. Then in college when I lived in the mountains of North Carolina my interest in light roasted coffees took was sparked. Espresso News in Boone, NC. was the first micro roaster that I was exposed to. There coffee was not burnt like most and it was also organic. This was the beginning of understanding light roasted coffee.

What is your favorite detail or aspect of coffee to share with people?
- that light roasted Arabica coffee has more flavor and caffeine than dark roasted Arabica.


What are some of your interests outside of work?
-I like to ride my bike and go skateboarding here in riverside. As well as getting in the ocean to go surfing when I get the chance.

What do you love about Jacksonville?
-I love that Jacksonville has potential!!! I have lived here for most of my life and I am excited to see this town progressing and becoming a great city!



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