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About Us

Coffee is a process, beginning with farmers who grow it, and continuing on from there. Our small-batch, artisanal approach to roasting brings out the best flavor in each batch of beans. We want to make outstanding coffee, learn continuously and foster community. We want to be good people and have fun.

Bold Bean coffee beans in a portafilterIn short:
We love great coffee. Bold Bean was started out of a love for coffee and a need to create something special with our own hands. We love that each day we can do something we are passionate about while bringing people together over an outstanding cup of coffee.


A little deeper:
We started roasting coffee, without a distinct plan, in a small metal building in the late summer of 2007. All we had was a roaster and a bunch of good green coffee. We were inexperienced when we began but be knew what we wanted to do: roast outstanding coffee. It was frustrating at times figuring everything out, we were sweating a lot but we were having fun. As the next few years progressed our business grew organically and our roasting developed naturally. Each day provided more insight about the exotic beans we were working with. It was a process learning how each coffee liked to be treated. Espresso being made in Bold Bean CoffeeAfter many attempts we figured out how to move the green beans along happily in the roaster to fully develop the beautiful flavors that each of them held inside. Slowly, we gained more fans and our coffee was getting better with each roast. It took our full dedication to bring out the very best traits in each of our coffees and make sure it got to our customers at the peak of freshness. What happened once this coffee left our doors, however, was for the most part out of our control.

In the fall of 2010 we decided we wanted to show people how great coffee could be if it was treated right in every step from seed to cup. We were excited about the possibility to share our coffee directly with the people consuming it. We would finally be able to have control over the final product, a cup of coffee. What good is it, after all, for a farmer to grow great coffee and for us to bring it to life in the roaster if it isn’t gonna be treated properly and brewed with care? No one in our area, it seemed, cared about or understood what it took to make a really great cup of coffee. It’s not hard but it takes care and a little bit of know-how.

View from the register at the bold bean coffee shop.We love that coffee is not something that can be perfected but rather that it provides us with a never ending quest for perfection. The perfect roast or cup can never be attained, only strived for. It’s this reach for an unattainable goal that excites us every day.

We set out with the attitude that if we’re gonna do anything we’re gonna give it our all and do it right. So that’s what we do. We continue to learn about and improve our craft daily. We continue to push ourselves to produce the best and most unique products possible. But we don’t just make outstanding coffee. We embrace creative and passionate people and do what we can to help improve our community. We want to make outstanding coffee, learn continuously and foster community. We want to be good people and have fun and we trust that everything else will fall into place.

We opened the shop out of a love for coffee and the need to do something right but it’s the great people we see everyday that really make it all worthwhile. So stop by for a cup. We look forward to meeting you.

Zack Burnett (left) and Jay Burnett (right)

Our Roastery

Roasting coffee well is a lifelong pursuit and the perfect roast should always be just out of reach. Every batch at our Stockton Street roastery is roasted in our 15 kilo drum roaster by the hands of skilled roasters. We rely on no automation or computerization to roast. Just our senses and know-how. We approach our roasting with the knowledge that there is greatness within the beans and that it’s just up to us to bring it out for everyone to enjoy.

The Bold Bean RoasteryWe roast our coffees to highlight the unique flavors inherent to each bean. We want to taste the story behind our coffee. Since all of our coffees are grown, harvested and processed under unique conditions each have a unique terroir. Farmers around the world who grow the coffee that we use dedicate themselves to supplying a product they can be proud of. It is up to us to bring out the best in these coffees. We don’t roast to cover-up defects or to make cheap coffee more palatable. We roast to show off the fantastic attributes of our coffees. We roast to each coffee’s sweet spot.

Roasting coffee is a daily affair for us. Even on the days we aren’t physically roasting we are working with and tasting coffee with our baristas and customers in our Brew Bar. This closeness with our coffee allows us to always be improving upon our roasts. The coffee in every cup of Bold Bean is born of the attitude that each roast should be better than the last. As we continue to learn about our coffee it will be constantly evolving into a more pure version of itself. This excites us and we hope it excites you. If nothing else, we promise you’ll have some great coffee if you join us along the way.