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Finca El Mirador - Diositeo Torres

Finca El Mirador - Diositeo Torres

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“Notes of dark chocolate, sweet tobacco, apple and clove. A snappy acidity and velvety body lead to a creamy, sweet aftertaste.”

Location: Anatolí, Cundinamarca, Colombia
Producer: La Palma y El Tucan and the farmers of Anatolí with Diositeo Torres’ Finca El Mirador production standing out.
Altitude: 5,249 feet
Varietals: Mixed
Processing: Aerobic fermentation with water
Drying: sun dried


This outstanding micro lot is from La Palma y El Tucan, our first direct trade partners in Colombia.  La Palma y El Tucan are working to create sustainability in coffee production in the Cundinamarca region of Colombia.  With its high altitude, cool climate and varied geography Cundinamarca boasts a great number of micro-climates in which to produce excellent coffee.  


Unfortunately the cost to produce coffee in this region has outweighed the price paid for coffee on traditional markets.  This has forced many families out of coffee all together and those who remain are all over 65 years old.  It seemed Cundinamarca was doomed to be lost as a coffee producing region once the older generation was gone.


 La Palma y El Tucan is changing the model for coffee production in the area and hoping through increased quality they will be able to create a sustainable market for coffee growing families in the region.  The proof is in the cup that these quality initiatives have worked and we look forward to getting coffees of this caliber from growers in the region.

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