Colombia El Patachorrera

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Colombia El Patachorrera

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Notes of goldenberry, dried apple and mandarin orange. 





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Region: Sandoná, Nariño, Colombia

Producer: Uberney Martinez

Altitude: 1,600 masl

Varietal: Variedad Colombia

Process: Fully Washed

Latitude: 1.2915 N 

Longitude: 77.4741 W

Uberney Martinez is a traditional coffee farmer.  El Patachorrera is a small farm located in the Sandoná municipality in South-West Colombia on the backside of the Galeras Volcano in Nariño.

In general Uberney's process is traditional and artisan.  He only harvests ripe cherries and pulps his coffee carefully.  Fermentation takes 12 hours on El Patachorrera and drying is done on raised beds for 7 days.  Drying on raised beds has two functions: first is facilitates homogenous drying of the coffee and it helps keep the coffee clean since it is not dried on the ground.

Sandoná is well known for it's coffee plantations and has great potential for speciality coffees.  Unfortunately it has faced various obstacles for adequate development.  Low incomes, lack of infrastructure and the effects of climate change have all impacted the production of coffee and affected the economy in the region.  Luckily Sandoná's unique cup profile has allowed farmers to sell their coffees at higher prices.

This micro lot is 100% Variedad Colombia.  The coffee was cultivated at a small scale and Uberney's production is full of work and dedication.  Therefore, the impact of paying a quality premium to Uberney and his family has a very significant impact on improving their quality of life.