Excellent New Coffees!

Our newest releases are a Costa Rica El Alto Red Honey Process and an Ethiopia Borana Bule Hora.

This El Alto is a very fruit forward cup due to the red honey process that is described here, especially once it cools.  It is also terrific as a s.o. espresso.  Syrupy, mixed-berry jam, sweet.

Carlos Monge, the man who grew the El Alto is the father of Juan Monge, the guy who grew our La Escalera lot you may remember from a couple of months ago.  The Monge family has been growing coffee for over 6 decades in the Tarrazú region of Costa Rica.

This coffee is unusual for us since we usually only buy washed coffees, aside from Brazils where they do not use the washed method.  We tend to shy away from natural and honey processed coffees because usually these processing methods produce coffees that lack complexity and acidity.  Very few natural and honey coffees are processed in such a meticulous manner to allow for preservation of acidity and complexity.  We believe El Alto to be one of the special few.  In this coffee, you will find a winey acidity once the cup cools and more complexity than the usual monotoned earthiness and straight fruit of a honey processed coffee. Carlos Monge and the ASOPROAAA mill where this coffee was processed did a great job in producing this coffee.

We also just recently purchased two outstanding Ethiopian coffees. The first lot, Ethiopia Borana Bule Hora is just being released this week on line and in both or our retail shops. 

This is a washed, heirloom coffee. Ethiopian coffee's are almost always labeled as heirloom varietal. There is not really varietal distinction because coffee is native to Ethiopia and these coffees have naturally mutated over time to fit their environments. They are variations on the Typica varietal.  

Coffee grows pretty wildly in Ethiopia. Ethiopian coffees are never segregated by varietal, they are all just heirloom Ethiopian coffees.

The Bule Hora is grown very high, up to 7,200 feet, in the Sidamo region of Ethiopia. This elevation produces a very dense coffee and results in nice complexity and brightness in the cup.

We cupped a load of Ethiopians before deciding on these two lots. They are both excellent and we can't wait for you to try them.  

The second lot, Borana Gelana Abeya, will be released in the coming weeks as well as our last Costa Rica Micro lot or the year.  Keep an eye out for 'em!


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