The AeroPress brew process beautifully complements the sweet and clean honey, dark cocoa and slight fruited notes of our Brazil Canaan Estate

A fairly new brewing device, AeroPress, has developed a bit of a cult following. Made by Aerobe a maker of outdoor flying-disk like toys, the AeroPress is anything but a toy. The coffee made by this brewing method is rich and smooth with a great body. Our favorite quality of the AreoAress is that it creates flavor clarity that is beyond comparison.

Step One

Set up AeroPress upside down on counter so the rubber part of the plunger is just inside of the brew chamber forming a seal and the brew chamber sits on top of the plunger which acts as a base and pour ground coffee into brewing chamber.

Step Two

Heat 200 mL(6.75 ounces) of filtered water to boil. Let sit for 30 seconds or until it reaches 200 degrees. Grind 15 grams (two tablespoons) of coffee to a medium fine grind (slightly finer than for automatic drip). Pour water onto grounds.

Step Three

Start timer for 45 seconds. Carefully stir five or six times.


Step Four

Place filter into filter holder and carefully rinse with hot water. Screw filter holder onto the brewing chamber.

Step Five

Flip AeroPress on top of a sturdy mug.

Step Six

Press plunger down slowly.

Step Seven

Once the plunger is completely pressed, remove AeroPress from top of mug.

Step Eight