Brewing with a press pot is one of the easiest ways to enjoy an excellent cup of coffee at home. Press pot coffee is brewed using a full-immersion method, meaning the coffee is fully immersed in water for the entire brew time. This type of brewing produces a very full- bodied, hearty cup.  We really enjoy the full body and richness the french press highlights in our SweetSpot espresso blend.

Step One

Heat filtered water to boil.  Let sit for 30 seconds or until it reaches 200 degrees. Preheat brewer with hot water then dump. Grind coffee to a coarse grind. Pour coffee into brewer.

Step Two

Pour majority of water onto coffee grounds with enough force to saturate them evenly. Stir coffee/water mixture to help settle bloom. Start timer for four minutes.

Step Three

Once bloom has settled pour remainder of water into the mix.

Step Four

Place lid on brewer. Let sit until the timer is to two minutes.

Step Five

Remove lid and stir grounds three or four times. Replace lid and let sit until the remaining time elapses.

Step Six

Once timer is down to 30 seconds start pressing the plunger down. Press plunger slowly and evenly.  Press should take 20 to 30 seconds.

Step Seven

Pour carefully…

Step Eight