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Public Cupping

Next Cupping - Colombian Coffees with Colombian coffee grower, Herbert Peñaloza Correa

Saturday December 8th 2018: 10am - Noon

Come get a sneak peak of our Colombian coffee offerings we have sourced for the 2019 season. Coffee grower and Bold Bean exporting partner, Herbert Peñaloza Correa, will be cupping with us. He will be presenting these coffees and giving insights on the Specialty Coffee industry from the producers perspective.

Cupping is how we decide where we are at with a coffee, and where we want to take it.

This class will give insight into Bold Bean's sourcing methods, different producers and the many different methods of producing coffee. We will follow this up by cupping the different coffees we have on the menu, teaching you how to cup if you don't cup coffee on the daily.

One 12oz bag of coffee is included in the ticket price.

Cupping Events are scheduled every quarter and run for about 2 hours

Cupping Events are held at our headquarters near JTB and Phillips. The address will be provided before the event.


Personal Barista Training

You've always wanted to be a barista and a Bold Bean barista would be top of your list if you could pick, but you've already got a 9-5 and picking up another side gig, really isn't in the cards.

Schedule a Barista Training class on: 

  • Latte Art,

  • Manual Brew Method's: Pourover, Chemex, Aeropress, etc.,

  • Espresso, or

  • Cupping.

Choose one of the above topics to receive training for. Then choose how many hours you would like your Barista training to be. Once your payment confirms, you will receive a follow up email from us within 24-48 hours to discuss topics and dates for training. 

Notes* Minimum of 2 hours, maximum of 4 hours per training session. This is one-on-one training geared towards improving coffee knowledge brewing techniques at home.  Please contact us at for group or corporate training options.  For wholesale or professional development and training options please contact

Personal Barista Training
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Roasting Demo

We roast so that the coffee can speak for itself.

Come see the entire process at the Bold Bean Headquarters where we will watch the entire process, beginning with green coffee and seeing it through to a production cupping. 

Coffee Roasting Demos are scheduled every quarter and run for about 2 hours.