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Developing relationships with people is one of the main reasons we are in this business. These are our Farmer's stories.


Twi' Ha

Finca Twi'Ha is owned by Armando Gomez.  The farm was originally owned by Armando's grandfather, Eusebio Gomez.  Armando has been working on the farm since he was 23 years old and in 2011, he was able to purchase it from his uncles.  Today, Armando and his family (wife, 2 sons and 2 daughters) take care of the two hectare farm.  The whole family is involved with all aspects of the production from planting, seeing it through to processing.  

The farm is planted in pure Arabica varietals and well managed with shade and fruit trees.  Every time we visit the Gomez family, their dedication to quality production is very apparent.  In the past year, Armando has built a coffee drying patio so he can dry his coffee on a clean surface instead of on the dirt.  He has also been able to recently expand the farm and build a handful of raised drying beds to improve his drying methods even more.  The mill on their property is clean and Armando is focused on expanding the farm and continuing to plant non-hybridized coffee varietals.   


Malacara B

Malacara B is a lushly forested farm on the side of the Santa Ana volcano.  The property was once part of a larger farm called Medellin.  Samuel Alvarez Lalinde maintained the farm most recently, until 1995 when he passed it down to his children and it was divided into Malacara A, B and C.  

The Dumonts grow red, yellow, orange and pink Bourbon on their farm. Malacara B, is located around 5,000 feet above sea level.  The farm is very organized, well-maintained, and farmed using sustainable practices.  During our most recent visit, we spent a good part of the afternoon walking the land, checking on the shrubs, admiring the views and sampling coffee cherries before heading off to the opposite side of the farm where the farm house and varietal garden is located.

The Dumonts are focused on quality and are intent on continuously progressing.  Their approach is helping to push speciality coffee forward. We are happy to have partnered with them the past few years in bringing you some really beautiful coffee.

Malacara B- Red Bourbon
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