Bonavita Brewer

Bonavita Brewer


The Descriptors

Maybe there are days when you just want coffee and don’t want to work hard to get it. Maybe you want great coffee from the office break room. Now, with the Bonavita Coffee Brewer, you won’t have to sacrifice flavor for convenience or ease of use. A large shower head allows for even saturation of coffee grounds, promoting even extraction. Engineered to maintain optimal brewing temperatures, the Bonavita outperforms all but some of the most pricey home automatic coffee brewers in cup quality and consistency. So, buy great coffee, grind it fresh, pair it with a Bonavita, and enjoy. It looks pretty cool too.

The Details:

  • Makes up to eight 5-oz. cups.
  • One-touch operation with programmable auto-start timer and digital display.
  • Engineered for precise water and ground coffee contact time.
  • Optional pre-infusion cycle for ideal extraction of freshly roasted coffee.
  • Large showerhead facilitates even coffee saturation.
  • Brews into a 50-oz.-cap. double-walled stainless-steel-lined thermal carafe.
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