Sueños Dulces Decaf

Sueños Dulces Decaf

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Notes of cocoa, dried fruit and pipe tobacco

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Rotating seasons dictate what coffee makes the better decaf, and at this time Mexican Chiapas is the roasting choice.  Treating you with blended notes of cocoa, walnuts and spice, its brightness masks the fact that it has almost no caffeine (99.9% decaffeinated). 

Using a simple process of purified water and charcoal, referred to as a Mexican mountain water process, the caffeine is separated from the beans.  This process ensures the flavor characteristics are in full bloom and the beans remain chemical free.

Sueños Dulces decaf makes for a fantastic night-time sipping coffee or anytime you are craving a nice bodied coffee but not the caffeine.  It makes great espresso, too.