One of our favorite things about great coffee is sharing it with others.  The moments that happen over coffee are oftentimes some of the most special and memorable of the day and it deeply excites us that our coffees, whether in our cafes, our partners cafes or even in someone's home, can serve as the backdrop to meaningful times in peoples lives. 

Whatever your gathering place may be (coffee shop, bakery, cafe, restaurant, etc.) Bold Bean can partner with you in bringing your customers coffees that they want to gather over.  Keep them coming back for great coffee and special experiences  and ensure your place is the one they want to make their own.          

At Bold Bean we don't just source and roast coffee, we also have years of experience operating successful coffee shops and have the insight needed to help our wholesale partners succeed.  We don't just provide exceptionally sourced and roasted, sustainable and direct trade coffees at a fair price but we also offer a training and consultation program for all of our partners that helps build a foundation of knowledge and skills needed to open shop, prepare and serve specialty coffee properly.  

Whether you are new to the speciality coffee business, looking to improve upon your existing program or just wanting to expand on your already stellar offering of specialty coffee, Bold Bean can add value to your coffee program. 

If you are interested in Bold Bean coffee for your coffee shop, cafe, restaurant, hotel, grocery, church, office, etc., please fill out the form below and we will get back with you promptly.   

We look forward to hearing from you.

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